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As we finish with the month of June, we can close the books on our first year in dental school.

Thinking back, when we first arrived some eight months ago, we were bombard with the advice by many of our upperclassman on how to survive this adventure known as dental school. From which classes we needed to pay extra attention in, to tips and trick on dropping the box in our class II preps; you name it, we heard about it. There was one piece of advice, however, that was given repeatedly when we asked how it was possible to juggle school and all the extracurriculars that were offered. No matter who you asked, D2 to D4, their response was always the same, “If there is something you truly want to do, or truly enjoy doing, you will find a way to make the time to do it.”

We would all think to ourselves that there is no way that it was possible to participate in an ASDA committee, begin doing research, and have a social life, on top of all the school and lab work. But as the weeks went by and we all settled in, it really did become a possibility. People joined ASDA committees that they were passionate about, we took on roles in our class cabinet, and we could still go out and have fun on the weekends!

The past nine months have showed all of us that dental school is doable. Yes, there will be good days and there will be bad days, but it’s totally doable.