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Here we are- two quarters under our belts! Are we really starting the last quarter of our first year? Time most certainly does fly.

Unlike after fall quarter where we had nearly a month to recuperate before beginning again and the prospect of coming back to see everyone seemed exciting, Spring Break felt much too short. Although classes this quarter seem pretty familiar- Systems, Cariology, and Direct, oh my!- it has become more and more apparent that everything is in fact relative. Let me explain… A mere week and a half ago the thought of completing a Class One prep on Tooth #19 during our final practical seemed daunting, but after being introduced this week to the impossible Class Two preps I’d gladly do three Class One’s in a row. Oh wait, the majority of us do have to do that! 😉 However, it is somewhat of a relief to know that while drilling during our lab course does seem difficult at times, slowly but surely we are steadily improving.   With every week of new challenges, the work from previous weeks seems slightly less difficult.

Such is the case with our didactic courses as well. Although the pace and workload has steadily increased during dental school, we have all grown together as students and have learned to handle the challenges as they come. Long gone are the days where we were freaking out over quizzes, and instead we have become a group of friends that shares study materials, supplies, and advice before each exam and we get through it together.

So while it is bittersweet that the last tinges of dental school novelty have worn away, it is nice that they have been replaced with a comfortable pattern of studying and new things to be excited about like taking alginate impressions on one another, our first injections, and preparing to treat our very first patients this summer! We have learned that dental school is a marathon, not a sprint, and it feels good to have found our rhythm.