Armen Agahi and Andre Cataluna

The Pre-Dental Outreach Committee seeks to continue to expand upon UCLA’s outstanding tradition of serving undergraduate pre-dental students by providing them with extensive learning opportunities, invaluable resources, and, most importantly, dedicated mentorship. Specifically, our committee will host a myriad of events and outreach functions for the coming year such as Application Core Build Up Day, the Big Sib/Lil Sib program, a Dental Waxing Lab Workshop, various Q&A panels with dental students/residents, and assorted presentations on diverse topics including the application process, life of a dental student, and much more!

Furthermore, our committee will host personalized visit days for pre-dental students from universities across California, with each visit day including a school and lab tour, a dental school application presentation, a sit-in on a faculty lecture, and a presentation from UCLA School of Dentistry’s Associate Dean, Dr. Carol Bibb. Moreover, in conjunction with the leadership of the UCLA Pre-Dental Student Outreach Program (PDSOP), the Committee will match each interested UCLA pre-dental student with a dental school student to establish a yearlong mentor-mentee relationship.

The Pre-Dental Outreach Committee aims to provide pre-dental students with endless opportunities by giving them a deeper understanding of dentistry, 24/7 assistance from UCLA dental students via our private FaceBook group, application and interview guidance on Core Build Up Day, and well-nourished relationships between them and the dentists of tomorrow.

Committee Goals


  • Raise ASDA pre-dental student membership by going to PDSOP meetings in the fall to recruit and by joining up with the Community Service Committee to create more incentives for joining. Greater incentives will get more volunteers to come to our events which will, in turn, open up more spaces for our incoming D1s to participate.
  • Expand Core Build Up Day by budgeting appropriately.
  • Host more workshops for scaling, impressions, tooth id, waxing, etc.
  • Create videos such as “a day in the life of a dental student”, short video clips, what students do in their spare time, how to find research, etc.



Armen Agahi:

Andre Cataluna: