Kevin Kang and Nicole Lee

The Newsletter Committee is primarily responsible for publishing ASDA’s quarterly newsletter, The Diastema. This committee is constantly and tirelessly working to recruit new writers, editors, photographers, and designers so The Diastema maintains its amazing reputation as one of the nation’s finest publications.

Committee Goals


  • Strive to Win the ASDA Gold Crown Award for Best Newsletter.
  • Delegate duties across committee members. Previous Editors in Chief tended to do a lot of work that could have easily been passed on to committee members. Thus, the delegation of duties to those experienced in their particular fields is helpful in that it will improve efficiency as well as foster a family-like working environment across the board. As an important example, we could delegate much of the selection of photography assignments to the Head Photographer, such that he/she would be the one assigning assignments among his/her photography team. This would make everything much more efficient and productive, as the Head Photographer would know what kinds of assignments each of his photographers is most skilled in, thus providing The Diastema with higher quality photos.
  • Host a brief design course at the beginning of the year with the layout team. Holding a 101 session to inform the new upcoming layout team exactly what design motifs and color schemes we would like to see would help incoming staff transition smoothly.
  • Stay on top of deadlines. It can be very difficult to meet deadlines with schoolwork, so we can attain this goal by making mini deadlines and sticking to them. If we run into emergencies, we can extend deadlines since we’ve already factored some extra time into our preset deadlines.



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