Manny Gluckman and Chantelle Ghiam

In its second year running, the Leadership Development Committee’s goal is to provide valuable resources to equip ASDA’s committee chairs to be the best leaders they can be. Working directly with the Executive Cabinet, this committee holds bi-quarterly workshops that address areas including utilizing personal strengths, building an effective team, and public speaking. This committee will also issue monthly leadership emails to the student body and publish articles in the Diastema.

Committee Goals


    • Have committee chairs take a personality test to categorize them by their strengths, so that we can better tailor their leadership around these strengths.
    • Provide the rest of our committee chairs with valuable workships that will help them make their committees as productive and successful as possible; such workshops can focus on, for example, helping committee members develop leadership skills and time management, delegating tasks, effective communicating, public speaking, and putting together a CV.
    • Submit something each month, including tips and articles on leadership, for the Diastema.



Manny, when not working on the Leadership Development Committee, is part of the UCLA Academic Track and is very active in the BDP teaching program for UCLA pre-dental students. Outside of school, Manny is an avid sports fan and loves anything and everything golf, football, and basketball.

Chantelle Ghiam:
Manny Gluckman:

Local Leadership Positions


There are many opportunities to serve as an ASDA leader at the local level. Active involvement helps develop the knowledge and skills that are necessary to be a successful dentist and well-rounded professional. Each chapter is structured differently and offers a variety of positions. All chapters have a first and second delegate who manage the chapter and serve as the liaison to the national office. The UCLA ASDA Chapter organization: – CabinetCommittee Chairs & Committees If you’d like to become involved with UCLA ASDA, check out the Committee Webpages and find which ones interest you the most. Then, apply for a position within that committee. Prior experience will prepare you for more active leadership roles as a future Committee Chair or Cabinet member. There are many ways to participate!


National Leadership Positions


Source: ASDANet Leadership ASDA introduces students to organized dentistry and provides opportunities to develop leadership skills. ASDA national leaders have gone on to serve on ADA’s New Dentist Committee, state and local societies and as presenters at ASDA, AGD and ADA national meetings. This diagram shows the structure of ASDA and how the Board, Councils, Editorial Board and other national leaders work together.


How To Apply


Only active ASDA predoctoral members may apply (unless otherwise stated). We strongly encourage students to contact the current leaders to learn more about the position before applying. Once an application is submitted, no changes to the materials can be made. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications for 2016-17 will open Oct. 2015. Applications for all positions, except district trustee, will be due Jan. 6, 2016. District trustee applications are due Feb. 27, 2016 at Annual Session.

Attendance Requirements


National leaders must be able to attend each meeting as listed in their position description. Applicants who can not attend all required meetings will not be considered – no exceptions. Please review this carefully before applying. Click here for a list of national meetings. Funding is provided for required meetings and includes: transportation to/from meetings, meals, hotel accommodations, a per diem based on the length of the meeting and reimbursement for baggage fees.

Electons & Appointments


The 2016-2017 appointed leaders will be selected by the 2015-2016 board of trustees in January 2016. Elected leaders (the executive committee, speaker of the house, and district trustees) will be selected at Annual Session, in Anaheim California. All 2016-2017 national leaders will begin their term at the conclusion of Annual Session.

Orientation & Leadership Training


ASDA national leaders are introduced to their new role through an orientation program (in-person and via conference calls), including: 1) Overview of ASDA organizational structure, standing rules, policies and procedures 2) Tips for leading a team, along with a copy of “Enhancing Committee Effectiveness” 3) Position-specific training from prior year’s leaders 4) Resources for how to make strategic decisions and manage conflict 5) Mentorship from ASDA staff and other leaders in organized dentistry.