Vania Chan and Youngjae Sung

The Ethics Committe’s goal is to make ethical decision making a part of everyday life at UCLA and in our future dental careers. Be on the lookout for various ethical dilemmas presented on the ASDA Website and The Diastema, in addition to an ethical discussion series with students and faculty and the always popular lunch & learns!

Committee Goals


  • Continue the ethical dilemma round table discussions with students and faculty during fall quarter, as we believe this is the most effective method we have of  increasing awareness, education, and critical thinking. These discussions will be structured similarly to last year, with a panel of students and faculty discussing a chosen ethical case. We hope to encourage student-faculty interaction, as well as increase student awareness of ethical dilemmas we will face as future dentists.
  • Encourage interprofessional ethical discussion involving physicians, nurses, physician’s assistants, etc as well as dental discussion on ethics and electronics, social media, and law, perhaps in coordination the Business Symposium Committee.
  • Collaborate with another committee, such as Oral Health: HIV or Business Symposium, on ethical dilemmas during winter quarter
  • Invite the American Society for Dental Ethics president or representative for a lunch and learn during spring quarter!



Vania Chan:

Youngjae Sung:
Ethical Dilemma Discussions


These sessions are a great opportunity to spend lunch discussing ethical dilemmas with other students and faculty. Come and gain a better understanding of the issues we will be facing in our future as dental professionals and get to know faculty in a smaller setting. Topics that will be discussed during these sessions will include topics such as: mid-level providers, access to care, end-of-life treatment, and over-treatment. We will be discussing one issue or dilemma during each session. Space is limited for each session, so please email us if you are interested in attending any of the sessions, and be on the lookout for sign-ups in the Fall Quarter!