Stephani Gorczyca and Kimberly Chyu

The purpose of this committee is to arrange and provide a variety of lunch lectures that highlight material not covered in the regular curriculum. Through a balance of lectures that range from technology and techniques to clinic and management, we hope to provide UCLA dental students with a greater breadth of knowledge. Additionally we want to bring in specialists to increase awareness of the many facets of dentistry as there are a total of nine recognized specialties, some of which people may be unaware of or know less about. We hope that in doing this we help contribute to the development of excellent technological clinicians and healthcare providers who understand more about the field of dentistry as a whole.

Committee Goals


  • Host research lunch and learns with the Research Committee and a faculty, resident, or fourth year panel about continuing education. We’d like to cover new, interesting topics in dentistry, especially by contacting the student body for ideas and interests!
  • Contact professors far in advance for planning lunch and learns. We hope to have speakers, rooms, and food confirmed 5 weeks in advance. As well, we would like to incorporate new vendors to bring in a fresh rotation of food!
  • Host two lunch and learns from faculty and business/financial groups per quarter.


Stephanie Gorczyca:
Kimberly Chyu: