Delaram Salamati, Sara Zadmehr, Lisa Jolly, Bryanna Cabariti

The Community Service Committee is dedicated to improving the community through dental and non-dental volunteering. Annual events include the Halloween Fair at the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica, the Thanksgiving Day Health Fair, and Give Kids a Smile. Past events include beach clean-ups, oral health instruction at homeless shelters, and Griffith Park clean-ups. The committee continues to strive to increase its contribution to the community by targeting specific needs and having more events and participation.

Committee Goals


  • Expand our community service outreach beyond dental oral health events to reach different demographics of the community. We plan to host events to bring together the committee chairs to foster togetherness throughout the year, such as Chair Dinners.
  • Host events after community service events such as BBQs to bring together all  the volunteers and reward them for their service. We want to offer a minimum of 2 community service events a quarter, ideally one that is involved in dentistry and one that is not dental related, which serves the local and neighboring communities.
  • Plan to have one event in the works by the end of fall quarter.
  • In social media, we’d like to create a video compilation of our events to publicize our committee. We would like to further expand media outreach to pre-dental students, dentists, and other potential volunteers.
  • In dental supplies, we’d like to implement an organized system where all supplies and the locations of these supplies are accounted for. Therefore, when planning an event the coordinators can easily identify if there are adequate supplies available and, if not, who should be contacted.


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