Julia Nguyen, Nozomi Aoyagi, Kevin Bibera, Darren Nhan, Kent Akin

The Communications Committee is responsible for streamlining the flow of media and communication between other committee chairs.  It is divided into 6 subcommittees: Historian, Podcasts, Social Media, Videography, Visual Media, and Website/Mobile Media. Our chairs work with the First Year Enrichment, Morale, and Newsletter Committees to develop beautiful content such as photos, videos, fliers, publications, etc.  Our goal is to encourage all committee chairs and members to be more aware of and involved in ASDA events through event promotion. In addition, the Communications Committee is involved in a push to increase our social media usage on all social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Julia Nguyen


Kimi Low

The Historian Committee’s goals for this year include:

  • Creating larger awareness of ASDA events through photography posted via social media.
  • Compiling photos for and publishing the scrapbook.
  • Continuing to be present & provide full coverage of ASDA events.

To achieve our goals, the most important thing is to be present at events! We hope to be able to capture the spirit and purpose of each event such that those not present may fully understand the event’s purpose through our photography. Additionally, we would like to continue the photography request form that last year’s committee used, as it will help to keep organized upcoming events and ensure we have coverage of them all. Last, we would like to begin the process of gathering information and photographs to compile the scrapbook!

Contact: klow21@ucla.edu

Luke Vickers


Luke Vickers

The Podcasts Committee’s Goal for this year include:

  • Finding interesting topics for podcasts. In particular, we would like to find specific topics that we feel would benefit and captivate the average dental student. However, because not every topic will be relatable to every student, we will attempt to cover a broad range of topics in a consistent format.
  • Releasing podcasts on a regular basis. We would like to release on a monthly or bi-monthly basis in order to encourage return listeners. We will achieve this by working ahead of schedule to create a backlog of interviews.
  • Making podcasts accessible to dental students across the nation! In order to accomplish this, we require an online and mobile platform and file format that can be downloaded or listened to via streaming. We will work with the Website/Mobile Media Committee to access these platforms.

Contact: lukedvickers@ucla.edu

Catherine Ding

Social Media

Catherine Ding

The Social Media Committee’s goals for this year include:

  • Get to 1000 followers on Instagram and 1000 likes on Facebook by the end of the year. To achieve this goal, we will try to post at least once per week on each platform. These posts can involve reposts from other students, interesting articles, photos from events, etc.
  • Increase awareness of ASDA and ASDA events through Snapchat. Our goal is to make an official Snapchat account and distribute the login to all ASDA committee chairs so that they can all Snapchat their events.
  • Work with other Committee Chairs to make an ASDA member of the month post on social media. We aim to work with our president, who seeks to reward/acknowledge a student member each month, to create an ASDA member of the month criteria. We can make this into an official social media post that includes the student’s bio and achievements!

Catherine is currently a second year dental student at UCLA from Reno, Nevada. She graduated from Northwestern University. Outside of dental school, she has a wide range of interests, including doing realism drawings, dancing, and playing badminton.

Contact: catherineding@ucla.edu

Kevin Bibera


Anthony Chen

The Videography Committee’s goals for this year include:

  • To become proficient in videography.
  • To organize ASDA’s video archive. We would like to be able to scrub through all ASDA videos on YouTube and to catalog them. We would also like to keep an archive of edited videos so that each can be released on time.
  • To create a viral video with over 10,000 views!
  • To double our YouTube subscribers!
  • To start a video mini series with other committees. These small videos would be on dental technique tutorials and how to say terms in other languages. We hope to release short videos on Facebook or YouTube each week!

Anthony is an avid photographer and videographer. He loves exploring the city and finding the best ramen restaurants. In his spare time, he goes back home to San Marino to visit his family and two dogs. He loves playing sports, including badminton, swimming, and volleyball. Other hobbies he dabbles in include stargazing, archery, dancing, and building computers.

Contact: a.chen@ucla.edu

Nozomi Aoyagi

Visual Media

Vina Le

The Visual Media Committee’s goals for this year include:

  • Providing quality work that positively reflects UCLA ASDA by making aesthetic fliers and visual media on time, for our committees.
  • Being an effective and reliable team member in the Communications Committee by working personally with all members to achieve our common goals.
  • Mentoring and leading committee members throughout the year.

We would also like to implement more aesthetic and eye catching promotional material in UCLA ASDA’s social media, such as monthly updates or snapshots of what the organization has been doing throughout the quarters. This would be displayed on Facebook and Instagram to let members and followers know what UCLA ASDA has been accomplishing!

Vina is originally from the Bay Area and graduated from UC Irvine, “zot zot”. She enjoys traveling, cooking for family and friends, and going to Disneyland!

Contact: nhivinale@gmail.com

Darren Nhan

Website/Mobile Media

Richard Che

The Website/Mobile Media Committee’s goals for this year include:

  • To beta test and launch the new ASDA mobile application with a host of useful features! We hope to allow users the option to: 1) access calendars for courses and ASDA events, 2) peruse news updates of events held by other committees, 3)  browse all of our social media, including YouTube videos, Facebook photos, podcasts, and publications such as the Diastema, and 4)  RSVP to and rate events as well as gain reimbursements via photo and receipt submission.
  • To speed up and update/maintain the website. Improvements in speed can be and have been gained via significant image compression, database reorganization, browser caching, and revision cleanup.
  • To write and release a Lab Guide, to be published in our mobile application, on special lab techniques not taught in class with a helpful measurement index of all the dimensions of all direct and indirect preparations! We hope for this to be of extreme use to the upcoming D1 class and, if so, to continue developing it over the course of the following year and beyond!

Richard likes singing, watching movies, YouTube, Netflix, and super smashing his friends.

Contact: rche@ucla.edu