Hilary Tate

Mana Naeim

The 2nd Year Enrichment chairs hope to collaborate with the Communications Committee to produce video tutorials. In addition, we plan to continue large, open lab tutorials for the 2nd years (specifically for dentures, indirect, and direct), while also implementing more personal, small group tutoring sessions for endo. Finally, we hope to help the 2nd years integrate into clinic by creating written instructions to guide them through their first time experiences in clinic.

Committee Goals


  • Create video tutorials for endo, dentures, etc by working with the Communications Committee. We would like to create video tutorials to help with hand skills. The second year is heavy with lab courses and the specific videos we’d like to create are endo techniques and denture teeth setting techniques. We would also like to create a time table of when tutors can come in!
  • Integrating D2s into clinic. We would like to create a lecture to help second years integrate into Axium and the clinic. We can achieve this by creating a power point and setting up a lunch and learn.
  • Create sign up sheets for when D3s and D4s need assists so that D2s can get more clinical experience.


Hilary Tate: htate@ucla.edu
Mana Naeim: mnaeim@ucla.edu