Tanya Kavoussi, Michelle Piasecki

Tanya Kavoussi, Michelle Piasecki

The 1st Year Enrichment Committee goals for this school year include creating lab video tutorials, providing general support to first years in academic pursuits beyond laboratory, and introducing the first year class to important things ranging from loupes to class schedules. This committee also hopes to hold at least two exciting class events per quarter for the class of 2021.

Committee Goals


  • Assist D1s with locker, artbox, and drawer organization and publish a guide on burs and hand instruments.
  • Create a roadmap for each quarter including explaining organizations in the fall quarter and hosting an NBDE lunch and learn with a panel in the spring quarter.
  • We want the new D1s to have an easy transition into dental school. As the chairs, we’ll be their go to people for whatever questions or issues they may have. We’ll make ourselves available to them whenever needed because we understand the importance of guidance in new situations.


Tanya Kavoussi: tkavoussi@gmail.com
Michelle Piasecki: michellepias@g.ucla.edu